High Park Capital Partners is a search fund established in 2011 by Adrian Bartha and Josh LeBrun.  In 2012 they acquired eCompliance, a small eLearning business in Calgary, Canada, and over 7 years formed a new leadership team and ultimately built eCompliance into one of the world's leading safety SaaS companies, protecting the frontline workers in hazardous industries all over the globe.  In 2019, Alcumus a leading UK software company, made a $40m majority investment in the company and Adrian went on to lead their North American operations.  In 2020 eCompliance achieved its original mission of helping customers eliminate 1,000,000 workplace injuries.  The 100+ safety nerds on staff continue to work hard to get front line workers home safely to their families every day.

Between 2011 and 2019, High Park Capital investors realized a compounded annual rate of return of over 25%, beating the S&P/TSX by 3x over the same period.  Today, Adrian has transitioned responsibilities in eCompliance to a new CEO and looks forward to building the next purpose driven business.  Josh is now the CEO of Rising Industry Holdings, a business services company in the cannabis and industrial hemp industry.